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Pro-Wrestling Heart Throb Rick Love 

  Welcome to the Official Website of Professional Wrestler Rick Love!

Pro-Wrestling Heart Throb The Rick Love Club:

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Rick Love's movie star good looks and pro-wrestler's physique make him a show stopper where ever he goes. Absorb the genius of the world's most wry and insightful Pro-Wrestler. Marvel at the timelessness of his observations and the sharpness of his wit. The wildly amusing wisecracks and profound reflections will appeal to the cynical Pro-Wrestling philosopher in everyone. Rick Love's comments continue to touch and entertain Pro-Wrestling fans of all ages.


Rick Love's Statistics:  
Age: 53     Height: 5' 9"     Weight: 188 Pounds     Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Aries     Zodiac Year: Sheep
Industry: Communications or Media
Occupation: Pro-Wrestler, TV & Radio Show Host, Martial Arts Instructor
Location: "Sin City" Las Vegas : Nevada : United States. Seoul, Korea. Tokyo, Japan. Cali, Colombia.

Gimmicks Worked: Rick Love, Mohair Sam, Ricardo Romantico, Dr. Destruction, The Secret Agent.

Entrance Music: "Stroking" by Clarence Carter, "Mohair Sam" by Charlie Rich, "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones.

Promotions Worked: NWA Heat Wave Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA Korea, Korea Pro Wrestling Association, Japan Extreme Pro Wrestling, South Korea Hardcore Wrestling.
About Me: Hard to impress. Loyal as a dog, friendly as a cat, the life of the party.
Remember, dancing is not the only thing that I can do ALL Night Long!
Interests: Quality time with my ladies, Working out, Getting some sun, Grilling my
chicken, and preparing my meals, Prepping all my veggies, I love to dance and sing and do the "wild thing".
Favorite Movies: Kung Fu movies do it for me. I love action flicks and action chicks
Favorite Music: Clarence Carter Charlie Rich and of course Billy Swan!
Favorite Books: What's a book?

Make no mistake about it, Rick Love is a winner. Rick Love has gained international fame, becoming a household name to children and adults all over the world. He has made his presence felt immediately upon entering the NWA Heatwave Pro Wrestling arena. With his airbrushed ring attire, perfect hair and incredibly toned body makes him one of the most recognizable superstars of NWA Heatwave Pro Wrestling.
As much as the pro wrestling fans despise his self-centered attitude, nearly everybody realized that Rick Love has all the trappings needed to succeed (Rick Love is truly a guy that the fans LOVE to HATE).


Rick Love is a trailblazer in the Pro Wrestling industry. From the customized costuming
and tendency to address the audience over the house microphone, to the in-ring promo that has become synonymous with his character, Rick Love is someone pro wrestling fans will never forget. His constant belittlement of the "fat, out of shape, sweat-hog" fans always managed to get a huge reaction.

Rick Love's sexuality blur the lines of "good vs. evil" as women scream for him and men want to see him get slaughtered out of jealousy. Pro Wrestling fans love him and hate him. Rick Love's patented expressions can be recited verbatim by any Pro Wrestling fan today. Another interesting note is that Rick Love is amazingly popular even though he has never "won" a single match. Rick Love's in-ring persona is that of a muscle-bound, egocentric ladies' man. But to his friends, family, and those pro wrestling fans who have had an opportunity to meet him, Rick Love is a good person, a devoted friend, and an honorable man.
Tribunals from pro wrestling fans who have had the opportunity to meet Rick Love. They explain how Rick Love is nice and kind outside of the squared circle, always
willing to take the time to converse and sign autographs before leaving the stadium he performed in that night. I read a letter on a fan-site recently that I believe sums up what Love is all about. It told a story of how this guy worked security for an NWA Heatwave Pro Wrestling show back in 2003. He told of how at one point in the evening he saw Rick Love outside of the arena loading bags into the trunk of his Lincoln Navigator preparing to leave (obviously in a rush). Just as he was about to get into his car Rick Love was approached by a girl for an autograph. Rick Love accepted and stepped from his car, signed her paper, then proceeded to give her a hug. He then chatted for a few minutes with her and some other fans who had gathered. The guard was amazed with Rick Love's patience. He went on to explain how he would always think of how nice the guy really was off-camera when he would see Rick Love playing a cruel heel on T.V.



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