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Find Love: Rick Love Is Appearing At The Following Shows!

Rick Love's World Tour 2008 - 2009

Rick Love Can Be Seen LIVE At The Following Shows:







2009 World Tour Show dates will be posted by January 1st Check back often!!! (World Tour Dates show in Red)

Pro Wrestling January Lakeland, Florida

Pro Wrestling January 9 Atlantic City, NJ

Pro Wrestling January 10th Groveland, Florida

Pro Wrestling Feb 6, 7, 8 Jamshil Stadium, KOREA

Pro Wrestling Feb Lakeland, Florida

Pro Wrestling Feb 7th Groveland, Florida

Pro Wrestling March Lakeland, Florida

Pro Wrestling March 7th Groveland, Florida

Pro Wrestling April Clermont, Florida

Pro Wrestling April Cali, COLOMBIA

Pro Wrestling April 4th Groveland, Florida

Pro Wrestling May 1, 2, 3 Jamshil Stadium, KOREA

Pro Wrestling May Auburndale, Florida

Pro Wrestling June Auburndale, Florida

Pro Wrestling June Norwich, ENGLAND

Pro Wrestling July Auburndale, Florida

Pro Wrestling July Horse Shoe, NC

Pro Wrestling August Auburndale, Florida

Pro Wrestling August 7, 8, 9 Clermont, Florida

Pro Wrestling August 22 Bendigo, AUSTRALIA

Pro Wrestling October 24, 25, Seoul, KOREA

The Wrestler that Fans LOVE to Hate!
Rick Love is the man you love to hate. He is a true heel in the classic tradition of wrestling bad guys. He is loud, arrogant and cocky. He struts to the ring in his flamboyant costumes, flicking his hair and showing pure contempt for the fans. Showered with boos and cat calls from the crowd, he sneers and taunts us. As if that weren't enough, he gets in the ring and gets a microphone in his hand for one of his legendary pre-match speeches, by then our blood is boiling with hatred. He can make the crowd hate him like no one else in the wrestling business.
But at the same time, his athletic prowess in the ring is unmatched. And the fans truly appreciated him for this. Everyone genuinely hates the character he plays, but they never miss one of his matches. He is one of the best workers in the business. His dedication to wrestling is evident in his chiseled physique and astounding skill. He can switch between pure technical wrestling, showmanship and outright brawling seamlessly several times in the course of one match.
He is the all time undisputed, undefeated, world champion of romance. Rick Love is continuing his track record of phenomenal matches against face wrestlers around the South East. Rick dazzles us with his skills and charisma in the ring. It is amazing the impact he has had on the wrestling world having never "won" a match as an active wrestler. He is building a legacy of professionalism, unmatched athleticism, great matches and unforgettable promos. Rick Love, you will be the wrestler we love to hate for many years to come.

Contact your local wrestling promoter and request Rick Love to visit your city soon!

Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at


Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at



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