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Love For Hire: Rick Love Bookings

Why Choose Rick Love?

Ten Reasons To Make Rick Love Your Spokesman Of Choice:
1. Guaranteed Results: Because Rick Love promotes your product or service as part
of his own online magazine you can be guaranteed that he is working hard to get the word out because your success is also his success! Rick Love's unique high energy presentation style and value teaching focus make him America’s most requested wrestling celebrity spokes person. Rick Love's level of experience and notoriety GUARANTEE PROFITABLE RESULTS!
2. Value Added Abilities: What separates Rick Love from other “Spokesmen” is that
he is not only a wrestling celebrity, he is a successful professional know for his expertise as a master wrestler, teacher and consultant. His thoughts on marketing and promotions are on the cutting edge. Rick Love gets results!
3. Inspiration: Rick Love's “value based” subject matter speaks to the heart of the
American public and comes from his expert understanding of presenting a clients needs. By using state of the art presentation and showmanship, Rick Love quickly connects with his audience and grabs their attention so that he is able to immediately attract attention to your product.
4. Certified Expertise: Rick Love’s expertise includes graduation from the International Healing Arts Institute of Natural Medicine, Internationally Certified Hapkido Instructor, Licensed Self Defense Instructor, Certified Taekwondo Instructor, Member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Member of the NWA Florida Hall of Fame.

5. Audience Credibility: Rick Love’s expertise, insight and authorship adds credibility to your product or event. Rick Love has been featured in over 1,000 national magazine articles, 30 national TV shows and is the Star of the instructional video series: “Mastering Hapkido” and “Martial Fitness: Training for the modern day warrior!” and was featured in the self-defense video instructional series “Essential Hapkido”. More recently he was featured in the martial arts documentary "Mudo: The Korean Art of War". These articles and videos have received international acclaim on the world wide web and professional
6. Industry Leader: As a 7 time martial arts champion, TV Wrestling personality and professional magazine editor it is easy to see why Rick Love is the Industry Leader who gets results!
7. Experience With Diverse Audiences: Wrestling fans come from all walks of life. TV wrestling has more cross cultural and cross society viewer-ship than any other form of entertainment. It has ever surpassed professional baseball in actual show attendance! Rick Love’s ability to speak comfortably to people of all ages and backgrounds makes him an excellent choice.
8. Speaker Of Choice For Leading Businesses: When the owners of the American
Dragon Martial Arts Academies were looking for a spokesperson who would be a popular celebrity with name recognition who was also a good role model because he actually walks his talk. They chose Rick Love.
“Rick Love is a true role model with family values that parents can respect
and children can emulate. It was hard to find a sports figure who had not
been convicted of a crime or was willing to actually work for us at an
amount that was cost effective to our company. Most celebrities felt that
just showing up at our events was what they were getting paid to do. Rick
Love actually talked to individuals, spoke about the benefits of our service
and had an experts understanding of what our business does. He really did
his research and was able to speak with confidence about our company. I
highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a true spokesperson.”

Gregory Lee, President ADMAA, Inc.
9. Value & Efficiency: The fact that Rick Love not only appears as a spokesperson but also is a marketing expert and magazine owner that can push products and services to a large audience from his website makes him very efficient. Being a part of a TV show that keeps him in the public eye at no additional cost to his sponsors makes him a great value to any company. Rick Love's notoriety is sure to continue to climb. With Rick Love you get results!
10. Quality & Service: Rick Love maintains quality by carefully choosing a limited number of clients. This enables Rick Love to immediately respond to your company’s needs. With Rick Love you get positive results because he only works with products and services that he truly believes in.
Love For Hire: Money Can Buy Love!
Rick Love is available for:
Wrestling Promotions
Wrestling Shows
Autograph Parties
Book Signings
Commercial Endorsements
Bachelorette Parties

For information on reserving Rick Love e-mail !
Hiring a celebrity to come to an event is a big decision. It will require that you do some preparation on your part to make sure your event will be a total success. The cost of having a celebrity appear at your event will vary in price, according to who the celebrity is. All arrangements to and from your event plus hotel accommodations must be made in advance and sent to “NWA Heatwave Management” two weeks prior to the event. Once an agreement has been reached by both parties, a fifty percent non-refundable deposit of
the total cost agreed upon will be required. Please make all payments in the form of a Money Order, made payable to: NWA Heatwave, INC.

Thank you,
Sophie Song Love

Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at





Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at



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