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Rick Love "The Champion of Romance!"


Rick Love “The All Time, Undefeated, Undisputed, Champion of Romance!”
The World’s Favorite Pro-Wrestling Sex Symbol!


Who is Rick Love?

Rick Love is 188 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. He is referred to as “The World’s Favorite Pro-Wrestling Sex Symbol” and the “All time, Undefeated, Undisputed, Champion Of Romance!“ His greatest reward is getting to live his dream of being a Professional Wrestler and role model to pro wrestling fans around the world.
Sold Out Shows!: In 2003 alone Rick Love personally touched the lives of over 250,000 people that he met at the many live pro wrestling shows that he Stars in and millions more that are part of the national viewing audience of the NWA Heat Wave Pro Wrestling TV shows. When people witness Rick Love’s energy and enthusiasm they become captivated!
Transforming Lives!: As the only independent pro wrestling legend to own and
operate his own chain of businesses, “American Dragon Martial Arts Academies” he reaches millions more people than any other professional wrestling TV Star today. Rick Love is a frequent public speaker at Drug & Gang Avoidance lectures for children and a hard working advocate for child safety as an internationally certified and licensed martial arts self defense instructor. As a full time Professional Wrestler, Rick Love makes an excellent spokes person because he has a captive audience of fans every week to promote to. Because of his fame and notoriety Rick Love is able to give
any product or service a fast running grass roots promotion nation wide or internationally.
Dramatically Boosting Products Ethically: Because of his strong sense of Right and Wrong and his responsibility as a Positive Role Model to children nation wide, Rick Love is not a famous face for hire. He is only willing to promote products and services that are useful to decent upright citizens. Unlike some celebrity wrestlers, you will never find Rick Love sponsoring your wholesome family product one day and “Adult” entertainment establishments the next. Rick Love is a family man who teaches family
values. That is why so many national child safety organizations like the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies and health magazines like Natural Awakenings, have chosen Rick Love as a spokesman. As the demand continues to grow, Rick Love will be out there, spreading his vital message, reaching greater numbers of people. He’ll continue to empower others teaching everyone how to benefit from a lifestyle of health, fitness and safety. 

Love-isms: Famous quotes by Rick Love, the sexy muscle bound egocentric sharp tongued philosopher of professional wrestling.
1. I’m Not Looking For Miss Right, I’m Looking For Miss Right-Freaking-Now!!!
2. Get A Little Love! (Love buttons for sale)
3. Reach into my pocket and feel a little love.
4. Gamble on Love, Do you want to see me roll the dice ladies???
5. Ok ladies, its time for me to make a dream come true! Who wants a Kiss?
6. "I told you people, I'm a Lover! Not a Fighter!"
7. “Real men? You want to know about REAL men? Let me tell you 10 things
about real men!
1. Real men are kind to animals.
2. Real men are respectful to their elders.
3. Real men don’t drink and drive.
4. Real men read to their children.
5. Real men don’t owe back child support.
6. Real men don’t father babies out of wedlock.
7. Real men are loving fathers.
8. Real men are faithful husbands.
9. Real men say grace before their meals.
10. Real men love Jesus.
9. “Pro-wrestling is interactive entertainment. When the fans shout at me, I
shout back. That’s how it works. For the fans who believe, no explanation is
necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation will do.”
10. I can see that we are going to get along famously!
11. Dancing is NOT the only thing that I can do ALL NIGHT LONG!

Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at


Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at


3-08-08 NWA Heat Wave and NWA Korea crown a unified champion and announce 4 more shows in Korea for 2009.

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