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I'm Rick Love... Old school born... new age adapted... I would say God broke the mold... but I was hand crafted... Glittery, Glamorous, Tasty and Fine... Simply the Greatest Lover of all TIME!!! Welcome to my online store. Enjoy the many products here for your entertainment and pleasure.

Hugs & Kisses,
Rick Love


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LOVE IN MOTION: The "Love Your Body Workout" As you’d expect from Rick Love: He is 188 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. He wears the best fragrances. His clothes are fashionable. His talk is fresh. His attitude is irreverent. A sensual and masculine entertainer with a dynamic sculpted body. He captures a feeling of spontaneity and energy that makes him the ideal ladies man. To order the "Love Your Body Workout" Video click here:

Burn Fat Making Love
Rick Love’s 8 Golden Rules of Weight Loss
Fans of the “Love Your Body” Workout are always asking me how do you stay so lean? Well, consistency equals results when it comes to burning fat Rick Love style. While running a marathon will not make you lean in one day, a consistent, a dedicated approach to fat loss will help you reach your goals.

We ALL know what Rick Love’s preferred method of burning calories is :)
Unfortunately, Rick Love has noticed that Americans have been getting consistently worse with their diets. The latest research from Tufts University shows that sugar-containing drinks are now the main source of calories in the average American's diet (Bermudez, O., et al. Abstract, Experimental Biology 2005).
This would have been unimaginable 50 years ago back when people were much leaner on average. People need to learn how to Love Their Body again by feeding it a proper diet.

On the other hand, there are many habits which have been shown to help people get lean and stay lean more than other actions.
Here are Rick Love’s 8 Golden Rules that will help you lose fat and get lean in conjunction with the “Love Your Body” Workout.

1. Replace sugary beverages with Green Tea. That can reduce your energy intake by several hundred calories per day
2. Eat at least one midday snack to decrease your risk of obesity by 39%. Remember that a good snack is focused on lean protein and a high-fiber fruit or vegetable. Nuts are also an option. I like to have 4 ounces of lean grilled chicken and spinach.
3. Don't eat dinner as your biggest meal of the day. If you do, you increase your risk of obesity by 6%. You should be eating several mini-meals all day long so that you are not starving at dinner. Start your day the Rick Love way with 1 cup of plain oat meal, 4 egg whites, and a ½ cup of blue berries.
4. Don't wait more than 3 hours after waking up to eat breakfast or you increase your risk of obesity by 43%
5. Don't eat more than a third of your meals in restaurants or you increase your risk of obesity by 69%. It is too hard to control the food contents at a restaurant. Pack your own meals and snacks as often as you can. You will always see Rick Love packing around his little blue cooler.
6. Don't go to bed hungry (3 or more hours after your last meal or snack) or you increase your risk of obesity by 101%. Again, think high-protein, high-fiber mini-meals to keep hunger at bay and to control your energy levels
7. Don't eat breakfast away from home or you increase your risk of obesity by 137%
8. And don't skip breakfast or you increase your risk of obesity by 450%. This is the most important time of day to start with a protein-based, high fiber meal as it will set the tone for your blood sugar and energy levels for the day. Rick Love enjoys some turkey bacon or egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast.
Keep on improving everyday. Keep your body lean the Rick Love way. New DVD version of the “Love Your Body” Workout coming this fall! Don’t forget to listen to this week’s radio show at .

Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at


Be sure to add Rick Love to your myspace friends at



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